matrial from fruitwaste

Every year, excess of waste and unconscious material management is causing pollution of natural environment. I've trevelled a lot and experienced that the most during my 3 months stay in China, where I started noticing the problem of overproduction, but also wrong waste management. Since then I couln't create my objects in a conventional way, I did't want to make another chair if we've already have milions of them already produced. If I wanted to keep creating I needed to became an responsible human, an responsible designer. I've changed my perspective and started to work with bio/eco alternative solutions for materials, because, at the end, its not the object with its function is landing on an lanfill or in the ocean - from that moment its just a material that matters.

"Waste" itself sometmes is hiding the potential that we are not seeing straight away.

Before Lava project I was working on a bio-plastics starchbased with relatively good results. But I wanted to try to reduce the price of production by trying to use a waste. After the research I've discovered that a lot of materials is based on celulose and that the natural "glue" is pectin and both of the ingredients can be found also in fruits. I've noticed that collecting a fruit waste is relatively easy - a lot of bars, restautants, institutions is making something from them. After a lot of try's I've developed my own methods, recipe and produced samples. Material still need some more tests and improvements, but so far I've started to try find an aplication for it for a bigger scale object like room dividers, mirror or lamp. Its just a start of an research, because I think that the material has a big potential and I can find better way to apply it (All prototypes are working, the material is durable but not 100% waterproof )