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Research Proces

I explore different materials alternatives, trying to define better ways of manufacturing. I've worked with biological and artificial waste. Researching bioplastics, bacterial cellulose, algae, chitosan, mycelium, soy, casein, natural rubbers, waxes, marine gells, recycled plastics and much more. 

I was working with Healthy Materials Lab and Healthy Materials Library helping to spread their mission of healthier interiors and affordable housing.

I am a Fulbright Scholar at Parsons NYC and a Guest Lecturer at Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics where I teach about materials and structures in the context of design.

I've leaded workshops and participated in multiple lectures and panels about sustainable design and materials. 

Together with Jagoda Podrucka I've started an educational website about materials.

I am helping brands to develop sustainable materials and manufacturing strategy, or to create market-ready products from alternative materials ( fashion, packaging, product design)

I am open to collaborations.

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